Windstopper Shoe Covers

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Windstopper Shoe Covers

Windstopper cycling shoe covers / booties / over-shoes by UNO
These winter shoe covers are for road and tri shoes (not for MTB shoes). They will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable, because they have: 

* three-layer windproof Windstopper material
* a Velcro strap at the top for a snug fit around the ankle
* a full-length zip for ease of taking on and off
* an extra pad on the underside of the toe - just where you put your foot down when you stop at the lights - to reduce wear and tear.
Although they are not sold as waterproof, they are close to it. Experience shows us that you can wear them through a thunderstorm and still have dry, warm feet. They will keep your feet warm even after they get wet - it takes a fair while for water to soak through the Windstopper, and even then Windstopper has wonderful insulating properties that keep the toes warm. 
Tip: pull your longs or leg warmers over the top of the band of the shoe cover, and you'll avoid rain getting into your shoe covers.